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Your Angel GPS Weekly

February 4-10, 2018
February 3, 2018 By Kim

Once again, we have three very encouraging cards for the week!

The Eight of Earth indicates a learning period for you this week.  Whatever  it is you have going on or any projects you’re working on, it’ll really pay off if you take the time to study up on it some more, learning all there is to know about it.  You’ll find the more you know, the better your work will be and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.  Going back to school at this time is also a possibility. If it’s something you’ve been considering, then now is the time to start looking into the classes you’d like to take.  A little extra knowledge can be worth it’s weight in gold for you!

We saw the Two of Air last week, and it’s back again this week to reassure you that you’re on the right path and to encourage you to continue taking whatever steps are necessary to move you closer to your goal.  (That includes gaining more knowledge in the field, as the Eight of Earth is encouraging!)  

The Balance card is reminding you to maintain balance in your life.  As you work on your goals and new people come into your life, there’s always the need for a little give and take.  Compromise doesn’t mean giving in to the other person, but working together to achieve a balance that’s best for all involved.  It’s also a reminder to balance your own life, take the time to take care of yourself and give yourself a little fun while you’re busy working and taking care of others.  Maintaining balance and moderation in all areas of your life will really do wonders in helping you succeed at your goals!

This week's outlook was drawn from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and is a general reading.  For a more personalized reading on any subject or concern you have, be sure to check out the services I offer here and contact me for your private reading or session.

Have a great week!


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