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Your Angel GPS Weekly

January 28-February 3, 2018
January 27, 2018 By Kim

This week has a lot going on, and it’s an exciting time, so let’s get right to it, shall we?  

The angels have been urging you to start taking guided action towards achieving your goals and desires, no matter how small the steps may seem to be.  Good news!  These steps you’ve been taking are starting to show results for you now.  This week you’ll start you see things coming together, you’re coming into your own now and success is starting to show up.  You’re going to have new people coming into your life, forming new partnerships, and you’ll see the existing relationships or partnerships heightened as well.  The Life Experience card indicates just that, a significant life event that will allow you to see the changes you need to make and “spread your wings and fly”.  Things are really going to start moving forward now, and we have an intense moon energy to help things along.  

The Full Moon on the 31st is no ordinary moon, it’s a Super Blue Blood Moon and the energy it brings is helping to push you forward.  What this moon’s “name” actually means is that we have a full moon, the second one this month, at its closest proximity to earth during a full lunar eclipse.  This moon is a turning point, leaving the old behind and releasing old energy, clearing the way for new energy, experiences and a new cycle.  As the cards said, you’ve come into your own now so the past is gone, and a new way of life is upon you.  It may sound a bit scary or overwhelming, but it’s all change for the better.  Your angels can help you release any fears and make those necessary changes, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help.

This is the start of an exciting new time, so be ready, ask your angels to help guide you through and most of all, enjoy the ride!

This week's outlook was drawn from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and is a general reading.  For a more personalized reading on any subject or concern you have, be sure to check out the services I offer here and contact me for your private reading or session.

Have a great week!


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