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This Full Moon is a Mini Moon?
June 8, 2017 By Kim

Isn't that a contradiction?  No, not really!

The full moon on June 9 is a “Mini Moon” bringing about some great changes in the coming weeks.  But what is a “Mini Moon” in the first place?  It’s something that only occurs once a year, when the moon is in its full phase at the same time that it’s farthest from the earth in its orbit.  It appears smaller in the sky than the rest of the year, but don’t let that fool you.  This Mini Moon is packing some big, powerful energy!

The New Moon two weeks ago encouraged you to take a step back, look at things from all different perspectives and really go within to become clear on your goals and plans.  The energy was more about fine-tuning your goals rather than taking action.  Well, now is the time to put it all together and start taking that action.  

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius, which brings with it clarity and focus.  You should be ready to start implementing your plans and working towards your goals.  You’ll find you have a renewed sense of energy and purpose and will better focus on what you need to do now.  As you start taking the first steps, those final bits and pieces will fall into place and missing bits of information will come to you as you need them. Any blocks you’ve been encountering will start to dissolve.  This Full Mini Moon is setting things in motion, the planning stage is over and  it’s time to wrap up your plans and start moving forward.

 This year as a whole is a time of new beginnings, and the first half of the year was preparing you for the major changes that are coming in the second half of the year, which is quickly approaching.  We have a New Moon, which also happens to be another Super Moon, ushering in the second half of the year, so brace yourself, things are going to start moving now!


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