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September 10, 2014 By Kim

I’ve mentioned before that signs from your angels can come in many different forms, you never know what to expect.  I had a great one yesterday!  About a week ago I ordered something on line.  It said to allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, so my ever-patient self started checking the mailbox 2 days later, of course.  Yesterday, a week after I placed the order, I saw the mailman delivering our mail around noon.  As soon as he was gone, I went and checked…no package.  Of course not, it had only been a week.  I went back to what I was doing, and about 45 minutes later I went into my “reading room” to read some cards.  I did a quick meditation, as I always do before a reading, and then asked the angels to give me a sign of their presence.  Immediately after I asked for the sign, the doorbell rang.  I couldn’t help but laugh, they’ve never rung the doorbell before!  I went to investigate and saw the mail truck parked outside the house, and a package leaning against the front door.  My delivery was here!  Despite the fact that the mail had already been delivered about an hour earlier, AND the package would have fit in the mailbox.  Talk about a sign!  When I went back into my reading room, I looked out the window and saw about a dozen dragonflies hovering by the window and chasing each other around the garden.  I thanked my angels profusely then sat and watched the dragonflies playing out back. They hung around for quite a while! (I did eventually get back to my readings, of course.)

Still amused by my signs yesterday, when I got up this morning I thanked the angels again, and asked for another sign this morning.  This is a picture of what I saw out my back window as the sun came up.  If you look closely you can even see the halo. 


I love the signs I receive, they never disappoint!

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