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One More Thought About Signs
August 8, 2014 By Kim

If you read yesterday's post (and if you haven't you should, it's a good one!) you'll know I have a "thing" about hot air balloons.  I haven't seen any in a few days, at least not real ones, but this morning, just before I woke up, I dreamed about them.  Specifically, I was standing at the window where I watch for them every morning, and floating off to the west(where they always appear) were 11 balloons!  I stood there counting them in disbelief.  The most I've ever actually seen at one time (in real life) is 9, but here in my dream I was counting 11.  I was so excited!  (Even in the dream I knew I had only seen as many as 9, so this was a new record.) Very cool!  I woke up feeling great, and immediately looked up "11" in my Angel Numbers book. The message of number 11 is "Stay positive, Your thoughts are materializing rapidly...".  That sounds like a good plan for today and every day.  

Angel signs are indeed everywhere if you take the time to notice them.  And, apparently, if you don't notice them the angels will make them so obvious that you can't miss them.  Like in your dreams, when they have your undivided attention.  :)


(Photo courtesy goes to Louise Hay's Daily Affirmation Calendar.  I wish it were my own, but it's not.)

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