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What Are You Missing?
August 7, 2014 By Kim

I've been doing a lot of thinking about signs lately.  I recently posted a daily guidance card on Facebook and Twitter that talked about being so focused on what's in front of us that we don't see what's all around us.  The same holds true for signs from the angels.  Often we'll ask for a sign and become so fixated on looking for something specific that we completely miss the sign in another form.  I'm guilty of that myself.  I have certain things that I tend to look for as signs of reassurance, specifically hot air balloons.  There's a place not far from me that gives sunrise hot air balloon rides, and when they're going up I can see them from my back window.  Of course, these balloons are completely dependent on both weather and actual customers.  So if I ask for a sign and I start scanning the skies looking for balloons, there's always a chance I won't see any.  Not seeing them doesn't mean the angels aren't sending me a sign, though.  Nor does it mean that all is NOT well.  It could just mean no one booked a ride, or the weather isn't favorable, and the angels are sending me a sign in a different form.  As long as my eyes are glued to the sky, however, I'll never see that dragonfly or butterfly floating around my front porch.  Or the family of blue jays that stopped by the bird feeder for breakfast.  Maybe there's an angel cloud formation right above me, but I'm too busy looking off to the west to notice it.  Being focused isn't always a bad thing, but being too focused could mean you're missing out on some pretty great stuff!  I'm going to make a conscious effort to just look around and notice the signs instead of desperately seeking something in particular.  And that's actually pretty good advice for life in general, too.  Looking around may open up new doors and send us down new paths that we never even thought of before.  Don't just live life, explore it.

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